Engine Repair in Lafayette, TN

As a driver, you know you have a responsibility to maintaining your vehicle. This can consist of regular oil changes to tire rotations. Most cars today have such a sophisticated computer system that it will even alert you when your oil needs to be changed or if there is something going on with your engine. This alert may be your Check Engine Light. It is designed to let you know something is wrong with it and that you should have it inspected by a professional. So, don’t ignore those little lights on your car’s dash. They have a purpose.

Other Signs That Your Engine Is In Trouble

Besides the obvious of the Check Engine Light coming on, there are several other clues that can indicate that there is something going on with your engine. If any of these signs catch your attention, don’t wait…get your vehicle to Macon Diesel – Auto & Truck Repair immediately so our trained technicians can diagnose your engine’s problems so you can avoid any further damage.

  • Your engine’s idle sounds rough – If your truck or car seems to be sputtering while driving or it sounds like it is revving up when sitting still, your engine may be in trouble. It could be something as simple as replacing the spark plugs, so don’t hesitate to have it inspected by one of our technicians.
  • Your car is stalling – If your vehicle abruptly dies while driving or even while it is idling, you need to get your car to Macon Diesel – Auto & Truck Repair right away. Not only does it create a dangerous situation when your car all of sudden stops in the middle of the road, but the issues need to be looked at as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.
  • There is an enormous amount of exhaust smoke – One of the most embarrassing clues that your engine is in trouble is an excessive amount of exhaust smoke. The color of the smoke is a good indicator what issue your engine is having. For example, blue represents burning oil. Likewise, white smoke points to coolant that is burning and black smoke hints that there is an excessive amount of gasoline being used. So, if you are leaving a cloud of smoke on the road, have one of our technicians evaluate your vehicle.
  • You have leaking fluids – If you ever see a puddle of fluid under your car or a stain left on the pavement where your car was sitting, have a professional inspect your vehicle. This is not only an indication that your car is having issues, but a good sign that your repair may be costly. Your vehicle should never lose fluids.

When it comes to engine problems, you should not put off having your vehicle checked out. The team of experts at Macon Diesel – Auto & Truck Repair will gladly evaluate your vehicle and give you an accurate diagnosis.