Diesel Repair in Lafayette, TN

Diesel Repair in Lafayette, TN

Image Credits: ©️ Macon Diesel

If you own a diesel truck, you know that its engine requires special treatment. It is designed to give you many miles of problem free driving and last many more years than its gasoline counterparts. You should only trust your diesel to a professional trained specifically to work on these vehicles.

Whether you drive a Ford diesel with a Power Stroke engine or a Dodge that needs a Cummins engine repair, the technicians at Macon Diesel – Auto & Truck Repair are highly trained and certified to service your diesel truck. We take pride in all of our work and want you to trust that your diesel truck is going to be taken care of.

Because diesel engines require special care, you need to pay attention for signs of some of their common issues.

  • Oxidized Oil – If a diesel truck sits too long, air can get into the oil creating bubbles. This interferes with the oil lubricating the engine properly which results in a broken engine.
  • Problems with Humidity – If you often drive in a humid climate and your truck sits for periods of time, there is a risk of water contaminating the oil that lubricates the engine. The hydration can have devastating effects on your engine.
  • Black Smoke Coming from the Exhaust Pipes – Black smoke coming from your exhaust pipes are a big indication that there is an imbalance in the fuel to air ratio. Usually, this means that you have an air filter that needs to be replaced, a defective injector or injector pump, or an issue with the turbocharger. If you notice this dark, unpleasant smoke, bring your truck to Macon Diesel – Auto & Truck Repair today to get an accurate diagnosis of the problem.
  • Damaged Glow Plug – As you probably know as a diesel driver, diesel engines do not have spark plugs like regular gasoline powered vehicles. Instead, they depend on glow plugs. When these plugs go bad, it is very unlikely that you will be able to get the engine started. You want to avoid this by keeping your truck on a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Knocking Noise – We all know that diesel engines are much louder than gasoline powered engines. However, if you hear a knocking, there could be a major problem with the fuel injectors. Don’t hesitate if this noise gets your attention. Bring your truck to our shop today to have a professional tech diagnose the problem.

If any of these signs are on your radar, have your diesel engine inspected today to ensure it has a long, lasting life.